Some tips to grow tomatoes in the garden

In small space in the house, you can still have a tomatoes garden. It’s not hard to have a corner tomatoes in the courtyard by plating simple but more effective.

1. Wooden ladder frame

using wooden outdoor furniture | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

A wooden ladder frame is useful for the tomato plants grow rapidly. Using wooden outdoor furniture to design a frame with the size you want.

2. Using some trees

using some trees | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Create a cone towers for tomato plants by three trees. You can use the four – cylinder and a cylindrical frame to prop cone in the middle.

3. Growing in cage

grow tomatoes in the cage | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Tomato with slender bough can grow up in a cage like this rig. You can use zinc cage to keep tomato and help them easy to have fruit.

The cage should not be too big and strong to help tomato plants grow into dense dust.

4. Growing in steel frame

tomatoes rig by steel frame | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

A steel frame will make a rig to help tomato plants grow strongly. You can use rig woven into each wire of medium height to tomatoes develop natural.

The square on the rig made large enough to easily pick tomatoes.

5. Spiral

growing spiral for tomato plants | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Add a subtle artistic into your vegetable garden with a torsion bar to prop up tomatoes. You can use this particular for each tomatoes or combine with a metal cage surrounding tomato plants.

Bending tomato plants along the bar. Hold the tomato plants by the ropes not too tight.

6. Using plastic mesh

growing tomatoes in plastic mesh | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Create a cylindrical mesh cage for tomato plants and covered with a plastic bag. Mesh cages with plastic layer formed around can help tomatoes grow well in cool weather. In the hot sun, lifted the plastic layer to gather the tomatoes easier.

7. Fence
growing tomatoes in the fence | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

A fence rig will prop up tomato plants. You can direct the tops of tomatoes through the hole in fence when they start to grow up.