The common mistakes for homeowners

Today, more family build and design the house based on functional and aesthetic factors that not have focused on Feng Shui. Do you know Feng Shui is an important factor to increase the quality of life. Do not pay attention, many houses are mistakes in feng shui from living room, kitchen to bedroom.

Firstly, the living room is the main living space of the family. This area should have the same basic requirements such as arranging on the first floor or in front of the house, the space bright, airy passages.

In fact, many home shows some basic error or violation is the bar running through the living room, creating murderous to homeowners, low ceiling feel stuffy, not development.

the bar in the living room | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Secondly, bedroom is a warm space, is an independent sector, private and quiet. Bedroom should be positive, but many people do not understand is that the quiet sounds. So they try to find ways designed to truly dark and the baby. This is the most basic mistakes in the bedroom. Dark colors will cause gloomy melancholy, depression, detrimental to their marriage.

choose paint colors for the bedroom | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam
Harmony colors in the bedroom is very important for couple 

A common mistake is not paying attention to the location or direction of bedding set. The elderly usually put the bed on the first floor, children’s bed upstairs, toilet on the upstairs is located right on her parent’s bed. This will make grandparents are sickness easily.

avoid put head of the bed near doors | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Head of the bed also have prop but should not use wall of kitchen, toilet because that is where the air is low, unstable, prone to headaches, fatigue, depression, insomnia, narcolepsy.... Head of the bed avoid relying on the door or turned to the door.

Thirdly, entrance, doors, windows …where is the place to pick up the air, welcome fortune for the place so it must be clear and clean. The size and number must be in harmony with the overall house.

the living room with feng shui | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Fourthly, the kitchen is where related emotional, money so it should be clear, away from the bedroom, the main door. The common mistakes such as: facing water (sink, refrigerator, toilet), the water – fire causing disharmony, ill health.

kitchen is an important factors with feng shui | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Finally, Feng Shui is an important factor in design the house. So homeowners should research more feng shui when have a nice house for your family and bring money, healthy to all members in your family