Design outdoor lights in your garden

Design the garden perfect beautiful, you could plant green trees, grass or make the light system. Garden space plays a role as an “outdoor room”, bringing people from living space to nature.

The light in the garden is used with two purpose:

Firstly, light is very necessary in the night.

the light for activity in night garden | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Secondly, decorate light will increases the aesthetics of the garden.

decorate garden with outdoor light | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

If the road near your house doesn’t have stress lights, the garden lights is very important, support traffic in the dark. To avoid these accidents happen in the garden in the evening, you should put more lights in the room which are not bright enough.

the ways to arrange the lights in outdoor garden | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

Arrangement the light should not spread, you should focus them on a certain area.

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The general rule of garden is focusing light at a particular place to create a quiet environment. Also this garden, this lights but how to express them is what’s important.

Focus the light to pots of flowers | Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

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You can use the lamp box which is covered with strange patterned or colored glass.
The light from the lamp in bushes or used to decorate garden not only help to become more beautiful but also create a fun scene and soulful eyes.

the nice view in outdoor garden | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

The flowering plants and trees with branches forming strange can create unique scenes. When putting lights on trees, the view is very nice.

To create a festive feeling, you just hang the tiny light on the trunk of the garden look very nice.
Lights in the garden is best to put in place under the eye so as not to dazzle and avoid make difficult to clearly identify in the dark. For the walkway area, except the beautiful light, you should care about safety. It is very smart when using the low lights along the walkway, decorate and could provide the light needed for walk.

tiny lights in the garden | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Safety factors are primary importance when using garden lights. Inside the lake should not be light. Although it can give you amazing, exciting but very dangerous. Best to put lights in the trees, as flowers or along walkways.

safety with low lights in the garden | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

Garden lights help homeowners easily express their artistic ideas. With the proper light, you will have a beautiful garden for your home. Do not use decorative similar lights in the garden, you should put different lighting style and colors to increase design effects for your garden.

variety of the lights in the garden | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture