The most unique of furniture in 19 restaurants

HR Bar Giger Museum (Switzerland) took inspiration from the fossil bones of dinosaurs. The details of the dome, outdoor chairs to design like dinosaur bones with beautiful textures. Interesting ideal also comes with the delicate tracery on the floor and warm colors.

HR bar giger museum in Switzerland | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Idea of Truth Coffee & Restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa expressed passionate about engineering. You will feel having a travel in a factory but still enjoy the comforts of the modern bar.

truth coffee and restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Jane Restaurant (Belgium) which is an old church renovated. Dome with delicate design, combine with the white color of the walls, tablecloths help it the ideal place to have dinner and celebrate the special occasion. The highlight of the restaurant is the big chandelier in the dome.

Jane Restaurant in Belgium  | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Bicycle bar in Romania is the address of people who have passionate with design about technical. It is decorated with the parts of the bike, create a unique space and closed with nature.

bicycle bar in Romania | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

White color accompanied by routes on both floors and furniture which create wonderful space for Logomo Cofffee (Finland). The orange bar lights along roads made more lively space.
Cofffe Joben Bistro (Rumania) impress with blue spacecraft in the ceiling and many parts of the engine around.
bluespacecraft in Joben Bistro Coffee | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture
Blue spacecraft in the ceiling

Joben Bistro Coffee | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

What Happens When Restaurant in New York is very unique with the brand name, layout and the ceiling.

what happens when in new york | Vietnam Outdoor Chairs

Coffee Ki in Tokyo, Japan with simple white and black of Japanese style architecture. The black trunk is wrapped in coffee shop is used to hang hats, scarves and décor the shop.

coffee Ki in Tokyo | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Ammo Restaurant, Hong Kong, located on the road leading into a museum. It only takes 3 months of construction and create an impression with decorate detail.

Ammo restaurant in Hong Kong | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Sexy pictures of chocolate walls are lovely accents for space in sweet Chocolate shop in Poland.

sweet restaurant in polland | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

These looms with thread colors to help restaurant Pakta in Spain more brilliant. Furniture in the shop with light colors help wooden looms as the increasingly prominent.

Pakta restaurant in Spain | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam