Design the house with green walls

Decorated the green walls in the yard, the living room with the outdoor furniture also create life space for your house.

green trees in the walls | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Green walls is on of the best solutions to help improve the environments at home. A house which have small space, can design a green wall in the yard or in the living room to create natural green. The house with a large area when applying this solution to create a vivid picture.

the porch with green trees | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Green walls can become a work of art if the homeowners knows cleverly arranged. From the stage of grow and  design the green walls, you should pay attention to the primary purpose of improving the living room, providing relaxing, carefree while immersed in the nature.

green walls in the house | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Many people worry the plants in home will attract more insects such cockroaches, ants, flies. To fix, you can use all kinds of insecticides are available at the store or refer to some simple way to handle a number of insects at home.

the wall with hanging trees | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

Now, air-plants are chosen by many homeowners because of friendly environmental. The type of this plant does not need planting in the ground because they absorb water and nutrients through the leaves.

some green potted trees | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

You can refer some design the green walls in the house.

the roof with green trees | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

green windows of the house | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

green walls | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

It is very important to bring the trees into your house. 

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