Make the pool more beautiful with small landscape

If you have a small pool in backyard, you should decorate with miniatures follow the suggestions below. It has effective surprise!

Simple modern waterfall is arranged near the pool. It brings you feeling relax and nature.

water fall near the pool | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

design the pool with unique waterfall | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

Additional, you can use rocks and plants to create wild scene

rock and waterfall near the pool | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

It is very nice with rock and green trees near the pool. It brings you a comfortable feeling in weekend.
natural pool in backyard | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

pots of flowers near the pool | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture
A small garden beside the pool like a beautiful painting

Outdoor lights help the pool more shimmering in the night

outdoor lights and the pool | Outdoor Wooden Furniture

The outdoor benches help you relax comfortably by the pool as well as move them to other places..

relax near the pool with outdoor benches | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

outdoor benches | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

It is very wonderful when relaxing on the outdoor chairs is placed under water

An outdoor bar is a place for meeting friends or siting in the summer.

outdoor bar | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

A beautiful lawn surrounding the pool is the ideal place to relax or have outdoor party.

outdoor pool in the backyard | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture