Some style of green walls in the house

Green walls are very important for your garden. You can mix variety of plants to make the corner close the natural.

the green walls with 506 small pots | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

This green walls include 506 small pots which help the area near the entrance cool and more beautiful.

green walls with bamboo | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

The pots of bamboo are planted next to a wall of grass harmony.

green grass and wooden wall | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

Green trees and the wood siding bring the nice view for the garden.

the nice green wall | Outdoor Furniture Vietnam

The mix of colors and trees on the wall like a flower carpet which is accents of the wall

outdoor green walls | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

The green grass is grown inside the wooden walls. Cool grene walls are a great place for a romantic picnic.

stone walls and green trees | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Stone wall becomes charming when you design with the greenery and flowers

green walls in the entrance | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

When you decorate the green walls in your house, they will provides a feeling of freshness and enerfy to the visitors at home.

green walls in the spa room | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

Even, you can design some green walls to make the spa room for your wife

the nice green walls | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Green grass is mixed from many beautiful grasses as a vivid tapestry.

green tapestry | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Green grass and rustic wood are used to design the wall which bring the life for your house.

green trees and wooden door | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

These bushes are grown in the iron frame next to a lovely wooden staircase.

green trees and staircase | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

It's very nice when you design the house with green trees. All members in your family will be very interested with green walls.