Nice garden in the terrace

To have a natural space with trees and more flowers is not easy to implement. However, if you take advantage of the terrace, you can still create a green landscape with fence, trees, and grass....

decorate the lotus lake in the terrace | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

The terrace is the top floor of the building, so creating a garden space in there is most ideal for the modest house. Homeowners can make the lakes, landscapes, not only create a beautiful  terrace but also a cooling method for the house.

hanging trees in the terrace | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

You also decorate a hanging garden in terrace to bring the cooling for the house.

Some homeowners prefer to use the familiar plants such as bamboo, betel, create an array of thick trees. This way will bring the feel large garden for limited area.

grow the bamboo, betel in the terrace | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

You also have the flexibility to turn into a corner terrace with some bench, outdoor lights, a corner home with fencing gardens and green vines, outdoor table and chairs...

On the terrace, you do not be afraid to incorporate green space with artwork. You can use the statues, stone or art, gallery you like

design the terrace with bench | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

grow variety of flowers in the terrace | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

You do not need much space, only a yard you can still do a lap around the green with grass and some bamboo or palm for cooling.

If you have more time, you can take care the garden with many types of colors flowers

decorate the terrace with trees, artworks | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

small trees in the terrace | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor living room is the relaxing space for all members in your family

Outdoor Living Room in the terrace | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

Note: Due to the natura garden on high ground, so we have to choose suitable plants, avoid planting too dense or mixed types. Need to design enough space for exercise or walking path, place to rest.